29 thoughts on “All Pantheon Skins Rework 2019 (League of Legends)

  1. can we talk about how baker panth is one of the best ones?
    It actually does look different in game, has different animations, different color for the particles and it splatters butter when you hit Q.
    And I fucking love to see him clapping when the pie is ready.

  2. After I saw the dragonslayer, I was really glad that I've just found this skin in my fourth normal Box. 😀
    I am lvl 28 btw :D😂

  3. seriously no one is even mentioning about the leonidas on 300 kick from his critical man people this days are dont remember the past memes

  4. As a Full Metal Pantheon User I'm pretty happy with the update!! However, it does look like a project skin (not complaining tho)

  5. is it just me or everytime Pantheon does an attack by kicking his legs retract that makes it look like a horse's leg
    also Baker and Dragon Slayer Pantheon are my favorite skins for Pantheon

  6. R.I.P Full Metal Pantheon…

    The skin was amazing back then, when he had this dark metallic combined with orange but now? What a joke

  7. Fuck when they did the rework of a pantheon I just remembered it was that I had the pantheon odyssey skin and sold it, from what I see is now one of the best skins that a pantheon has left ;__;

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