47 thoughts on “All Pantheon Skins Rework NEW vs OLD Texture Comparison (League of Legends)

  1. So many characters need this kind of rework. The kind of rework that improves the already existing abilities and changes a few things here and there.

    Characters like Amumu, Udyr, Rumble and Fiddlesticks could really use a rework, and just think how cool they would look.
    At least Volibear is comfirmed to get a rework.

  2. 0:00 – Default Skin Comparison
    0:15 – New Default Skin
    2:00 – Old Default Skin
    3:10 – Myrdmidon Skin Comparison
    3:21 – New Myrdmidon Skin
    4:25 – Old Myrdmidon Skin
    5:12 – Ruthless Skin Comparison
    5:23 – New Ruthless Skin
    6:27 – Old Ruthless Skin
    7:15 – Perseus Skin Comparison
    7:26 – New Perseus Skin
    8:32 – Old Perseus Skin
    9:21 – Full Metal Skin Comparison
    9:31 – New Full Metal Skin
    10:39 – Old Full Metal Skin
    11:28 – Glaive Warrior Skin Comparison
    11:38 – New Glaive Warrior Skin
    12:46 – Old Glaive Warrior Skin
    13:34 – Dragonslayer Skin Comparison
    13:45 – New Dragonslayer Skin
    14:54 – Old Dragonslayer Skin
    15:43 – Zombie Slayer Skin Comparison
    15:54 – New Zombie Slayer Skin
    17:00 – Old Zombie Slayer Skin
    17:50 – Baker Skin Comparison
    18:00 – New Baker Skin
    19:10 – Old Baker Skin

  3. Why does Ruthless Pantheon need shotgun shells? I liked the old shield that was a piece of bread on baker Pantheon. I kinda like the old Dragon Slayer shield by a little bit more (don't like the eye). Other than that I think the new skins are a lot better!!!
    Would be even better if they had his old passive because that would leave them a chance to make even more new effects.

  4. the big problem is… she take a Spartan and make him a reatard athen halfgod thign.. wow… i want the old textures and voice back but the new spells & 3D.!
    PS: why all reworks have a russian voice thing? have riot not more money for the old voice actors?

  5. Riot should work on updated models and reworks instead of new champs. Most champs dont even have mobile game quality anymore.

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