26 thoughts on “Animation in Photoshop Step-by-Step: #1 Setup, Sketching and Lining

  1. can someone please tell me how she narrows the timeline, mines so thick i can only see 2 layers without the whole thing filling my page

  2. May I ask how you add in-betweens? When I animate, I don't do keyframes but I rather jumped onto it fast, so when I see that it's not going as smooth, I'll feel the need to add in-betweens but I don't know how.

  3. your doing great stay confidint YAY ty for making this for us love Jelly (id like to have a chat sometime (i have a discord account JellyPolizeiPop (JA)

    #3492) love your Fan have a good one bb

  4. Do you just reduce the opacity of the previous layer and make it visible for when you draw the next layer and need to reference it or how does that part work haha

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