47 thoughts on “BEN 10 Protector of Earth all secret code

  1. Idk why, but i read in some forums, that diamondhead and some other aliens are available in this game..dont know if its true or not

  2. It's been YEEAARRSSS since I last played but there's a thing you can do when you play multiplayer on Ben 10 where if you and your friend do something at the same time while standing next to each other you guys create this large green ball of Omnitrix energy that blows up any surrounding breakables & enemies.
    Moral of the story…when me and my cousin first discovered this we FREAKED OUT!!!
    No joke we were amazed for like a week.
    Ben 10 is and always will be my favorite topic weather it's in gaming, feeling out, fan basing, or just talking about random stuff.
    So in my opinion (and maybe all of you guys as well) I give 1,000,000,000/10

  3. 1- heróis negros
    2-DNA aliens
    3-herois normais
    5-controle mestre
    6-forma de alienígena

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