28 thoughts on “Blade & Soul: PC vs Mobile – Comparison Graphics and Gameplay

  1. I think I'd still chose the pic version, the over the top intro on mobile isn't really my taste xd and there are more character customization options on pc too

  2. As a technological showcase, this is impressive to see how far mobile gaming has come. As a game, who cares? I wish instead of regurgitating titles on mobile that already look and play better on PC, companies would actually make new quality games. And mobile gaming is clunky and unintuitive in 99% of cases. I'm disappointed, because I can't get hyped over a mobile title.

  3. Blade and soul in android? It makes me wanna cry. I quit pc version because of lag and lagging like crazy so I end up stopping. Soloing all bosd with a lag and fighting mini boss

  4. to me personally, i value the experience of gaming in all aspect like the mechanic, combat system, evading and more. the more it can do, the greater it is. so mobile gaming not really my forte.

  5. if only they remake pc and optimize it that would be a lot of profit and a lot of players as well cuz that mobile game not gonna last long

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