48 thoughts on “Disable ENTER NETWORK CREDENTIALS on Network Connections Windows 10 (3 Possible Methods)

  1. Thank you for the excellent video – magnifying the text you are looking at is a great idea – and the quality of the solutions . I went through all 3 and have full access to both my NAS without trouble which had eluded me for days

    My problem started shortly after the Dec 2019 W10 update., and I cannot help but link the problem to something there. If Microsoft have so many places where the demand for credentials can be set up or cancelled, it is hardly any wonder .

    Anyway – more power to your elbow – from a subscriber (now)

  2. allah razı olsun. ilk yöntem hayatımı kurtardı. windows 10 bir bilgisayarım vardı ve windows 8.1 bir bilgisayarın printer'ına bağlamaya çalışıyordum. bilgisayarda şifre yada kullanıcı hesabı yoktu. o yüzden istenilen "credential" kısmına ne yazarsam yazayım printer'a bağlanamadım. Daha sonra windows 8.1 yüklü bilgisayarın şifre istemesini kaldırdım ve işe yaradı

  3. WORKS!


    1 year ago

    If you still can't fix it try adding:

    Username: anonymous

    password: (none)

    (none) means don't write anything

  4. it is off. so y is it still asking me? ok fixed it I think. forgot to check/ uncheck something. I dont see local security policy in my list.

  5. after windows updated this happened to me. i did the first step on the pc and it solved for the rest who had acces to it. thank you @Iviewgle

  6. Neither of the 3 worked for me. This a big problem for me since I suddenly have no access to my NAS. Major design flaw in W10!

  7. Too bad you have to complicate the instructions with meaningless graphics. The disturbing minor chord music didn't help. And of course none of these methods worked. But we already knew that.

  8. Hi, if you guys having a same problem then try one thing insert your server pc users username and password in credential.

  9. What worked for me was to enter the name and pw of the router (not the pw of the wifi connection but of the router itself). For me, this is name= "admin" and pw= "password" which I think is the default for many routers. That got me connected my other computer.

  10. It worked, make sure to turn off password protected sharing on all the computers that you want to access and give access to everyone.

  11. win10 is stupid piece of sh…. . Took me almost forever to find out how to solve it.

    – Control panel> network and sharing center > advanced sharing settings >> turn off password protected sharing (the very last option).
    – goto your wannabe share folder, R-click> give access to > specific people> everyone.
    – goto your network drive, R-click on the folder that you have just enabled for sharing> advanced sharing.
    – under sharing tab, click share button> dropdown everyone "again">>permission level as read/write.
    – DONE!!!!!

    Now i can easily sync my work folder from win7 pc to win10 laptop and back. My portable SSD can finally laid to rest.

  12. These methods do NOT work!! They're nothing but a bloody waste of time!! All I want is for someone to explain to me, where to find my network credentials so I can log in, that's all I want and no one can bloody tell me that one, simple little answer…not even flippin' Microsoft!!! What pisses me off the most is…everything was working fine yesterday, 4/2/19, but the very next day, it suddenly wants my network credentials of which I seriously don't think exists or they're invisible and there's absolutely no way of finding them…ever!!! That's just pure bullshit!!!!

  13. This thread should be printed out and shoved in Gates' face or up one of his orifices. How is it possible that we should have to waste time to consult a youtube vid made by some generous soul (with a poor taste in music) and then have to experience hit or miss results. Just look at the thread. And if you go online you find threads where MS people have stepped in and linked to "helpful" articles that are no longer available, and the thread is completed by people like me saying "You're a pack of Idiots!"

  14. It worked for me for a few minutes then stopped again, in fact it disabled my PIN and now I have to use my password instead.

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