48 thoughts on “DotA – WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.32 (Kael the Invoker)

  1. wtf is this do u really think that invoker, a paper hero can face 5 heros at the time that everyone tries to kill him ??, most of that kills are just because invoker "lasthitted" heroes and there is no greater thing that the sunstrikes ( i think its a fade ) the rest is luck 🙂

  2. The 2nd enemies is to noobs!!!! But the 1st not using maphack!!! A pro wodota player not usually use a maphack!!! Who says a maphack is idiot!!!

  3. Duuhh,, Whatever.. I'm using Invoker better than this.. This Invoker looks pro only bcause vs noob player.. Watch Grimorum play Invoker,, that's far better than this..

  4. 1. dont blame others for mh if only u find it impossible to do such thing
    2. drow is probably waiting for storm to come and pull him.
    3. use ur brain tard
    4. it is from high ground, gondar couldnt see it. Even he saw it, he didnt expect invoker will throw down meteor when he is invi
    5. If u can do such things, u wont even complain and say mh
    6. u are so lame

  5. 1st: Map hack complete the Rampage..
    2th: Invoker says: "Thx god I have aegis X) " ,,, Traxex says: "I come here just want to say hi to invoker's grave ^^ "
    3th: Invoker says: "Woohhoo, I'm lucky again 😀 "
    4th: Gondar says: "Watch me, I run straight to the meteor, what a stupid guy of me X) "
    5th: zzz,, If I play dota using Invoker, I also can do that.

  6. 6th: Can kill the soft luna and luckily pawn tidehunter? What so special in there?
    7th: Invoker says: "Woohoo.. I success teleport,,Thx god.. the stupid centaur didnt stun me 🙂 "
    8th: Just luck LOL
    9th: Just versus stupid skeleton king and medusa =="
    10th: Newbie invoker also can do that..

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