28 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – Before You Buy

  1. if they make empire version it will be more enjoyable after all, if you make dynasty warrior with rpg element at least let us play our own char…

  2. So this is not a good dynasty warriors to start on. Can someone tell me a good one to start on I only completed one mission on this one. I saw my dad uncle play this whole lot as a kid the only reason I didn't play it was I didn't what the story was or what I was doing so anyone wanna tell me which one is a good one to start on

  3. I think the only problem that everybody seriously has, since DW6, is the aggressiveness of the troops and officers. Why won't Koei see that their newer games in the main DW series haven't made as much of a profit?

  4. im not a gamer but im trying to find a chines historical game for the ps4 and this is the only one that comes up can anyone help me find a good one plzzz

  5. Lol I've already accepted long ago tht subtitles are better than eng dub in games of Asian origin

    & not gonna buy it now been staring at it in PSN store for like the past HR decide to see what you had to say about it thanks for the advice I played D.W8 definitely gonna leave this one alone tho

  6. Parece que intentaron en este juego mundo abierto, algo que no es nuevo ni inovador en estos tiempos, pero koei lo decidio despues de usar siempre la misma formula una y otra vez, cosa que a mucha gente no le gusto :v

  7. And I agree they've taken the challenge out of the game… There is hardly any machine warfare anymore, and no need for strategic prowess. This is the game you let your little cousin play to practice basic game controls lol

  8. lol shit makes no sense people use to complain that the world was ugly now they make a world and people are complaining that the world is boring self entitled idiots. Hell even skyrim people make mods to disable fast travel and make travelling with horses more immersive

  9. I used to favorite dynasty Warriors 4 when I was 7 years old until the game got too scratched enough to not be playable. 10 years later I found my old PS2 and dynasty warriors 5 which i started to love even more. I played it so much I unlocked every single character and seen everybody stories. I'm surprised I still remember more than half their names. Love that game, No regrets❤. Cant say the same for dynasty warriors 7 that i got disappointed with.

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