47 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

  1. Earlier today, we accidentally uploaded an unfinished draft of this review which, among a few other small issues, called the 5.8 score "great" instead of "mediocre." Sorry for the error, and thank you to everyone who pointed it out!

  2. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is still better (9.5/10). It for you to play a new kingdom to yourself not fun for everyone to play across the world which can be a better game yet. & what im saying is that no online servers to get enough people in their platforms to fight, coops, release new weapons, daily quests, challenge prizes more abilities etc, everything in the book for any dynasty warrior game the graphics are high noted fighting styles too I'm just looking for newer detail to overcome a new thing & like I said for dynasty warriors 9 is for you to play for yourself not for everyone to play across the world.

  3. Oh wow. This review was very helpful. Most people just hate on this game without explaining clearly but this was very informative.

  4. koei should make online play a priority reduce the price of the game to 5 pound and make it around the successful fortnite model. make the game more bright and improve the graphics

  5. As long as they don't ever make a dynasty warriors with a battle Royale mode like the waste of money fortnite I'll still be a fan of the game

  6. Tell me why, Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is well more developed and way more fun as a cell phone game. Compared to a PS4 for DW9?…..

  7. what an absolute load of rubbish, by far the worst DW ive played 0/10 theres literally nothing that is going to make me want to play it again, pffffft

  8. this game is amazing. if you're a fan of dynasty warriors I honestly don't see how you couldn't enjoy this game.. it would be nice if it had multiplayer though.

  9. They joined the open world trend but didnt know what to do with the open world. Large, empty space is the most direct open world. It technically qualifies but it's terrible. INTERCONNECTEDNESS is what REALLY matters.

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is a better example of a truly free open world. You can truly be a specific kind of character living in a complex, active world!

  10. I love dynasty warriors type games especially the ones that got made for other series like berserk and hyrule warriors. But I would love to see inuyasha done like this !!!!!!!!!! 😍

  11. Cooking?! I was first introduced to this mechanic in Muramasa: The Demon Blade and that was so booooooring. And for it to be in a Dynasty Warriors is just not a good sale for me. But I'll still give the game a try, anyway.

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