49 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter PC – Ep. 10 – The Mysterious Stranger! – Lets Play Fallout Shelter PC Gameplay

  1. Nicholas died sad l of my dweller can most likely easily go to weeks you might doubt me but it’s true I train her lots im thinking of maxing all her stats then ez boom loot for days and guess what I have to legendary pets that do 47%-damage from enemy’s so it’s very low damage taken and the other makes her train till it’s maxed instead of checking in and doing that to make her max and does 27%-train time so I’m also getting bottle and Cappy so I’m officially much better then this dudes don’t I got a drum roll plz……….power armor suit legendary

  2. Pimp my vault you can add the quantity of caps, stimpacks, Nuka cola quantoms, radaways & Characters FOR FREE!!!
    i am not a bot.

  3. You should start a new Fallout vault game, start it on survival mode which is significantly more challenging. You've made a lot of small mistakes which makes the game less fun, like making single building rather than combining as many as possible, growing way too fast, not building in an organized manner, and not immediately assigning new dwellers to one room/attribute. I've played for a bit now, and there are a lot of ways you could maximize game play without sacrificing the role playing element. Also, all you have to do is check in each day, and make sure everything is alright, and then you could pick which days you actually want to record.

  4. Guys if you didn't already know there's a little thing in this game, where when you send a dweller to the wasteland you can set the time forward by a few hours and get some really good stuff and resources, it works trust me I tried it before it's kind of like cheating but its not

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