38 thoughts on “How To Add A Call-To-Action Button To Increase Sales (WordPress Websites)

  1. Very helpful and clear. Also having such a calm and clear speech assures me that it is very easy to do. Will try it later 😉

  2. Can you please explain how you are setting the homepage background. I'm assuming this is not a top border, and instead just a page, like a landing page. Thanks!

  3. Hi, is this call to action button applicable to wordpress theme Sydney? I cant change the CTC to each slide and put different URL into it.

  4. Thank you for your video on call-to-action video, I watched videos from different creators you were the only one that explained how to link with url. I believe the other creators just took that part for granted, it left me perplexed, but now I understand how the buttons work. Thanks for making it easier.

  5. Very well put together video! I do however have a question. I know how to create a call of action button but i want to learn how to add text to the page of the link the visitor will be sent. I am a salesperson so i want to get credit if somebody buys something off of my companies website.

  6. Once again a big THANK YOU Katrinah. This was what I was looking for. Hopefully creating these buttons will increase my conversions and help my visitors navigate my site easier.

  7. Thank you – useful video as the button plugin I had been using is rather poor for functionality. Well-paced too. Cheers.

  8. Thank you, Katrinah.  This was so well done and helpful.  You're a natural teacher; I was able to do this easily with your step-by-step guidance.

  9. I am brand new at this, how is the position of the button controlled, i.e. how to I place the button where I want it?

  10. Hi Katrinah, At the 5:32 time of your video you mention to go to your home page. I am following every step so far. However I don't see any home page in my list…. Would you be able to help?

    Thank you so much,

  11. Typing in: mailto:emailaddress@email.com worked in the URL link. Now when people Click on the Call To Action Button, it open's their email with my clients email address. Jason's looks better when it opens a window and requests their email address.

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