20 thoughts on “How to Cut Out ANYTHING in Photoshop [SELECT and MASK Crash Course]

  1. Thank you very much for this! It finally made sense! 🙂 I actually used to use the lasso tool for background removal. 🙁

  2. sir after clicking on select and mask, the work space is filled with the red color over the image and on left side i saw the tool bar but unable to see the right side properties panel. please help me out

  3. So, I can't seem to find this specific function I see someone doing. Im learning from watching a 9 hour process video that has to do with +100 layers. Somehow you can take the rectangle tool and make a new layer with everything inside the selection of the marching ants without having all of his layer's selected as in highlighted in blue. It's not duplicating all layers or merging anything, it just makes a layer of anything inside the selection. I hope this doesn't sound confusing but I literally cannot find any tutorial that covers this.

  4. https://postimg.cc/CdfZDrwr hello sir.. plz check this image..why my select n mask is never accurate work accurate. plz help me what is the problem behind this. plz plz plz let me konw thanks

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