How to Download VLC media player for Windows 10 2019 – Free & Easy

See how to download VLC media player. A free open source media player for playing any type of media entertainment…music, videos, pictures, images…etc. This free VLC media player can be used on any Microsoft Windows computer, MAC, IOS, android, iPhone mobile device.

Are you tired of Microsoft Windows Media Player or Windows 10 photo video app? Then VideoLAN VLC media player just might be a great free media player for your. What is VLC? VideoLAN is a project and a non-profit organization giving everyone a free choice.

VLC media player will play just about all video formats…here are just a few of them…mp4, avi, wmv, h264, h265, mpeg4, mkv, flv, quicktime, webm, wav, aac, mp3 and many more.

And BTW: This video also shows you the basic steps that you need to follow to learn how to do a VLC media player download for Windows 7 and how to do a VLC media player download for Windows 8. This is good for any Windows computer or laptop.

So to sum this up, the best media player for Windows 10 in my option, it’s a video player, a music player, a picture viewer and on top of all that, it also has a great VLC playlist capable feature too.

VLC download link:


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