30 thoughts on “How To Play Zed Mechanically, A Beginners Guide To Zed Mid Lane – Indepth Zed Combos Mechanics Guide

  1. Yo guys, so here is my promised part 2 guide for Zed but this will be a mechanics guide showing you how to play Zed mechanically with his abilities and some basic combos for beginner players. Now I do apologies if this video was too long and maybe incoherent but really want to explain everything so that for anyone trying out Zed for the first time can get familiar with his mechanics and playstyle. With that being said I do have another video out tomorrow which should help you for climbing and securing that rank before the end of the season. #ShadowGangg Thanks for the support, discord link – https://discord.gg/43X6yaj

  2. Ahh now i see why LL STYLISH says i got him ez before the enemy champion dies its because of the shuirken mark on zed's R thanks alot

  3. Dude this video is so lazy. You have 0 in game situations, you dont talk about runes, spells nor items. Overall didnt help me get better with Zed. Next time you do a Beginners guide to a champion do it better.

  4. i hope ur mechanics are better by now. i just saw w r q e im like boi u can just do w e ( for the extra slow ) r q and w back simple combo kinda hard to do if ur new to the champ but pretty easy to learn.

  5. Ty man 😀
    I didnt knew 'bout that shuriken ultimate Mark and w + e energy restore. Now ill crush those silvers into dirt >:D
    Jk, i am bad Player;_;

  6. Thank you for the in-depth guide !!! I just recently started playing mid-lane and I have been looking for this exact type of video for ages. Great work, dude ! Cant wait for other featured Champions in this type of video.

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