38 thoughts on “Is Windows 7 Still Safe to Use?

  1. I still got XP updates after support stopped!  Why can't they make a version of an operating system software that doesn't need so much updating?

  2. Micro$oft just want more money, Windows 10 continuous update is a nightmare, every year have to upgrade one version to another. Then the office subscription service, office 365 just to pull money from your pocket.

  3. I'm watching this video on my Windows 7 home premium. Nothing happens even Microsoft stop providing security support for it.

  4. I'm going to make Windows 7 work until it doesn't work anymore then switch to Linux. Or maybe just build a Linux machine from scratch. Microsoft just keeps going downhill.

  5. I challenge all Windows 10 fanboys out there to read word-for-word the EULA.

    Anyone who reads it in whole cannot accept it, stipulations mentioned there are unacceptable to any sane person using a computer. I did it, hence I'm in Linux Mint since 2010.

  6. I like you Thio, but you are an asshat in regards to Win 7. Just because you got suckered, please don't expect the knowledgeable to fall for it. I started out years ago with Win 98 SE, (best user system ever), on a P 166. Since then I have dodged 3.0 ME, etc. I did not like XP, so I went to Win 7 Ultimate Black edition. I downloaded the Net Framework, and turned off Updates. Most are just screwy code that will lock your installation up. Microsoft knows nothing about exploits, mainly because they are the ones creating them. I use Spyware Blaster, Win Firewall, MBAM, and that's it. It is so sad to see such a smart boy be such a dumbass, as I have never been hit, and if I was, then I'd just remount it or recover… Also, please stop calling people stupid… You are as bad as Scotty Kilmer in that regard…L) That said.. you do have some useful information, if you'd stop making STUPID FAKE VIDS that waste our time. It is precious to us, and is not appreciated. Sincerely, "I know what I know, but I don't know what I don't know, yet I know what I thought I knew until I didn't"

  7. Can anyone help me out?
    Okay so i currently have a windows 7 computer. I plan on getting a new computer that will have win10 (i need a new computer for multiple reasons). However, the one i have now is still pretty good. I have a bunch of programs on there that i know will not work on win10; and i seriously don't wanna give em up! So i was wondering; is it still possible to use my windows 7 computer if I'm not connected to the internet at all?
    I figure most viruses come from either the Internet or from using infected usb's. But maybe if I'm very careful with my usb's, and only use internet on my win10 computer, I'll be safe? I have an antivirus on there already as well; but should i upgrade it to something else? Or get more programs to protect my computer?
    I'm very stubborn and i don't want to lose win7. It's been great to me and has a lot of programs i like to use from time to time and is just overall easy to use. Not only that but win10 sounds like a god damn nightmare and just scummy (but unfortunately have no choice in using).
    I have tried searching all over the place to answer these questions but i can't seem to find a concrete answer anywhere. It's all very vague or confusing and tbh I'm not a very tech savvy person! I'm just an average computer owner so i feel confused and intimidated from all of it💦

    Oh also while I'm here; i wanna upgrade my laptop from win7 to linux. It's old and busted up so i don't wanna buy win10 for it but can't afford a new laptop.:/ anyone have any recommendations for videos that easily show non tech savvy ppl how to upgrade win7 to linux? And a version to linix that's similar to win7?:O

    Sorry for the huge amount of questions. I sincerely thank anyone who replies💓💓💓💓💕💕💕

  8. My PC have window 7 , yeah it have Virus but when I update to win 10 , it's turned MUCH SLOWER than previous before , i will stick to Windows 7

  9. If window 7 is not better than window 10 so question is why window 10 is free but not window 7 because 10 is suck ,I have and need all the time computer protection but not for window7

  10. soo was this a paid for video.. logic seems kinda backwards, hackers and scammer are going to want people who upgraded to 10 and not be aware of alot of features. If anything they are going to upgrade first get the exploits ready for people who just upgrade… as a tasty target. So if your still using windows 7.. your probbably safe for another 5-10 years on hardware because im willing to bet alot of you have 10000$ video cards and what not.

  11. *Windows XP end of support*
    Man: *upgrades to Windows 7*
    Today: *Windows 7 end of support*
    Man: *upgrades to Windows 10*
    *Windows 11 released*
    *Windows 10 end of support*

  12. "Security" and "Privacy" are ingrained and both sell like hotcakes and good-looking whores…

    (There are Four Great Beasts on the earth: Romance, Religion, Commerce, and Politics. Sex sells, which is why Prick Tease heads the charge against human stupidity.)

  13. You're lying about the use of W7. My bank uses it and loathes having to retool to W10. It's the same everywhere I look in the corporate world, and an unnecessary expense to boot. IT people are averse to the intrusive nature of Ten Toes Up and round and round.

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