25 thoughts on “[Old Video]Kwang Soo's craziness overload in Runningman Ep. 399(EngSub)

  1. Fuck you Sechan. No originality.
    Doesn't know what character to do so just kept bullying kwangsoo following the old members. Bitch

  2. Fuck I hate Sechan that horse teeth motherfucker!! Tryin so hard to be funny but end up being plain stupid and disrespectful. Yaa I know I also disrespectful bla bla bla I also know I'm a asshole for sayin that bla bla bla

  3. Admit it or not, Sechan is the least popular on the group. He’s not even funny to begin with and rides the coattails of JK, Haha and Jihyo when given a chance. He does out of the line stuff and the members just tolerate it because they too know that he already receives so much hate and criticisms just for him to not feel bad about himself. He’s too plain and boring, he doesn’t have a major role to play with and to add some insult to the injury, he just doesn’t deserve to be there to in the first place.

  4. There is a part where Se Chan turned on the vacuum and trying to suck Jae Suk's ear.. that part is totally unacceptable.

  5. Its been what almost 2 yrs already? Se chan still havent found his own character he just resorts on attacking kwangsoo to try to be funny

  6. Lol,people keep on whining on how sechan attitude is,yall dont even remember what the other members did on the past episodes? Smh

  7. Sechan is so annoying. I’ve never watched any episodes of running man after he joined. I didn’t like him when he came to running man for the first time. He’s too over. I really don’t like him. Please don’t ruin the whole show because of him

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