Sikkim Homestay Village Tourism Booming Up In Tourism Arena


•2016: Award for Best homes stay from Sikkim tourism
•2017: 2 Star category homestay declared by sikkim tourism
•2018: First ISO certified homestay in sikkim declared by sikkim tourism

The budding rice bowl of Sikkim (Chalamthang) is geared up to become the state’s first cleanest organic village.

The village is committed to maintain it’s cleanliness standard by both preventive awareness and operational garbage dumping methods.

As one good act leads to another, while exploring the various methods for maintaining cleanliness and beautifying in and around village, the local villagers have now discovered different tourist spots to attract tourists.

1) DEORALI DARA or the good vibes viewing point, This point gives a mesmerising view of the river Teesta from the woods made for sitting with tall trees and a little shrine dedicated to the FORESTS.
You can sit around and let the Good vibes seep in.

2) The natural Rock GARDEN has already become a favorite.

A beach on the riverside, with maize fields swaying in the wind . Day picnics, Fishing , Barbecue or just hanging around.
The villagers have come together and worked hard to make these spots more accessible and tourist friendly keeping it’s natural beauty intact and putting systems in place to encourage cleanliness.

Documentary Video of TVOS by Lalit Dahal
19 Nov 2019
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