47 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE ZED GUIDE – Best Tips and Tricks to CARRY and RANK UP | League of Legends Mid Guide

  1. In this guide, coach Pado covers advanced tips to help you MASTER Zed and destroy your ranked match-ups!

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  2. The problem is that zed has too many counterplay issues,also his kit is only doing brust damage, and does not have any state change such as hiding or/and movement speed increase, shields, which many assasins have on their kits, not to mention his shadows positions are very predictable in medium/high elo,which is vulnerable to counterplay.

  3. It might be me but i just picked up zed, played 4games, and watched some guides. From what i see, there are few basic foundation combos but executed differently depending on situation so there are multiple combos. Like riven where you mix basic into complex. Might be wrong just my opinion from few games

  4. Can you do one for katarina? Idk wtf to do against fizz, yasuo, some amazing zeds, kassadins, akali…Qiyana…pantheon…teemo…orianna…

    This list keep growing and it hurts…

  5. After watching this I think I much better understand the Faker Ryu outplay. He just did the kiting combo incredibly fast in response so zed r?

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