45 thoughts on “Unboxing The New 65" Sony Android TV (4K Ultra HD)

  1. I hate the Sony brand and its support!
    I bought a smart TV (KD-55X8505B) A few years ago, and recently the Smart TV has become a "dumb TV "! All because of the end of the contract with the company that supports the VEWD TV Store service, and now I can not install any other application

    After contact with customer support, I was not presented any solution, just confirmed what I already knew

  2. Let me tell you all about the 850D//E series TVs. I bought an EBR 65x850D in July of 2016.. The power board failed on day one after 3 hrs of use! I waited over 2 weeks for a replacement power board. Then a couple of months later, the HDMI controller failed on it. Sony replaced the TV with a refurbed 850D. A few more months later and the HDMI controller failed on the replacement set. So, then Sony replaced that with an XBR 65x850E model set. That was last August. Last week, a section of the edge lighting went out. It crashed the 850E and it won't even start up. After several hours of waiting on hold for CS (that's a whole nother story) I finally get through to Int Relations for resolution. All they are willing to do is replace the set with another 850E. Even though they fall under the Magneson-Moss act. They refuse to offer a refund. IMHO Sony is a dishonorable company now and should be avoided at all costs!

  3. Should i get this one or the 55" Q7F? They're allmost at the same price tag by now. I'll be using this tv for gaming (ps4 pro and xbox one x) and also for movies. Screen size aside, which one is the best to get? Aprecitate any help 😀

  4. Sony sucks. Very hard to use and customer service is a bunch of foreigners you can't understand telling you they won't transfer you to an English speaking agent.

  5. I remember when i first walked into Best buy a couple years ago to see all the 4k tvs, most of them were exxagerated and not realistic in color than i saw the original Bravia with the built in speakers , i was blown away. Now this new beauty , I WANT!

  6. DO NOT BUY SONY TV …. I buyed this model and it died after 18 months ,called Sony and they all feel sorry but couldn't do anything except to give me a tv repair shops phone number ,I was their customer for 30 years back in Europe and last 20 years in Canada and spent thousands of dollars on their products but NEVER AGAIN!

  7. Esta televisión es exquisita simple y sencillamente una hermosa pieza de ingeniería vale mucho la pena si dudarlo mejor que las competencias aún con sus oled no superen la calidad de imagen de Sony

  8. hallo, ich habe den 50sd8005,
    und dazu den dualshock4 controller,
    wenn ich den controller über usb anschließe funktioniert er einwandfrei, wenn ich ihn mit bluetooth verbinde, dann reagiert der controller nicht wie er soll, man muss auf den tasten drauf bleiben, dann fühlt sichs eher nach "scrollen" an,
    haben sie da tipps für mich wie ich den fehler beheben kann?irgendwie ein einstellungsmenü für zb tastenbelegung kann ich nicht finden

  9. those
    whoever buying Sony Bravia 4K, prepare to spend 50% of the price within
    a year after the warranty period on their "WONDERFUL" led panels!!!

  10. Sony LED TVs have serious issues with the panels. If you want proof, search on google with the keywords Sony LED Panel issues

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