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    I tried to make guide on page Mobafire. https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/return-of-zed-fedors-guide-for-season-10-562286?revision you can aslo check it and VOTE for me there.
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  2. I was curious about the math on the ultimate hunter reducing zeds ultimate to 16 seconds. So I did some research. Ultimate hunter when combined with 40% cdr caps giving 55% total cdr to the ultimate. With level 16 zed having 60 sec on cooldown 55% gives you a total of 27 seconds of cooldown on MAX level zed ult.

    If you combine that with cosmic insight it gets juicier. Cosmic insight + ultimate hunter gives 58.75% cdr which when applied to zed gives about a 24-25 second cooldown give or take. Now im not sure why the number thats appearing in the video is so much lower, but i can add that WHEN death marks cooldown begins is very important. there is a 0.5 second window where zed CANNOT take his death mark shadow, I presume the cooldown either begins during or at the very end of this window, However death marks shadow lasts for 6 seconds, according to my calculations, this 6 seconds DOES count as Death Marks internal cooldown, Meaning that if a zed activates death mark and for whatever reason, does not take his shadow until that 6 seconds is up Death Marks new cooldown is in the vicinity of 19-18 seconds.

    The reason i decided to do all this math, was that i realized fundamentally theres a problem with how i play zed, I'm not patient enough because i dont understand the limitations of the character, this was evident in my absolute fustration with Zhonyas, however if i played smart enough and knew zeds abilities, i would abuse his slipperiness and pop zhonyas easily, then return literally 20 seconds later to claim the kill.
    The primary problem i see with this is that if you want zeds ultimate to be less than 20 seconds, (which i do) you have to forgo coup de grace which i personally prefer. For a while i was running gathering storm and transcendance, but considering how well coup works with zeds passive i've since realized how much damage im sacrificing… Damage thats ALWAYS relevant, rather than playing for the late game. I thought i would come online at level 10 when trans gives that 10 % but i believe the snowballing potential provided by coup is better. So I guess the question is if you can get away with needing literally 3% cdr. its only 3%, and ultimately comes out to being 21 seconds without cosmic insight, and 18 seconds with it. Is that worth more damage? Someone lemme know.

  3. Dude u might flame me and all but im gonna still say it. Ive never seen a champ getting as nerfed as zed has, in my opinion zed is shit atm. Ive compared zed to all types of mid laners and come to conclusion how nerfed his dmg is early game. Ekko, diana, fizz, talon ect ect all them have somekind of dmg that penetrates minions and deals exact the same dmg. Many of these are easy to hit aswell so missing doesnt punish u as hard. If u miss zeds Qs wich are way to slow u get fucked badly, his E is a joke my auto attacks does more dmg until lvl 3 E. Could go on for a day but nvm

  4. You do realize that new edge of night gives u less dmg right? And sanguine blade is garbage for zed because you get ganked and you lose all your lethality and attack speed. How is zed back in meta if he does less damage?

  5. Yep so I'm unranked and I almost didn't understand what counterpicks were. It's because I was living under a rock player blind.

  6. Very nice video. I am golden in Ionia (Chinese server) and zed is my main. I feel weak when counter by Malphite and Diana, especially Diana. Her damage is mad and her shell is so thick. If I trade with her(with weq, all hit) , it doesn't seems to be worthy. Can anyone give me any suggestion? BTW, I will try the items you say in the video, it may help. THX bro

  7. Even though the Video had mistranslation's the main idea was understandable.
    Pretty much Build's,Counters,Rune's and Summoners

  8. u re so delusional new edge of night is huge nerf since u can't use it when u want less dmg and much less lethality u don't have enough dmg… plus nerf for the edge of night. Zed was much better season 9 also sanguine blade doesn't work on zed at all, useless in tf and doesn't give u any cd

  9. I knew this guy knows nothing about the item changes when i saw he said edge of night change was good, the item is dead

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