21 thoughts on “ZED GUIDE [FULLY DETAILED] SEASON 9 – Combos, Tips & Tricks, Best Outplays – League Of Legends

  1. For the runes you can take Taste of blood instead of sudden impact but thats personal preference and instead of ravenous hunter you can go ultimate or ingenious . The secondary you can take sorcery ; taking absolute focus and scorch. If you want to go defensive go in resolve and take bone plating with either second wind or chrysalis . All of this is just down to preference and what you're more comfortable with.

  2. 4:00 Okay, so what I understand is that, Zed can steal ad from ONE enemy champion… But… if he steals AD from the SAME enemy champion, without ulting anyone else in-between, then does THAT stack?

  3. So why not take inspiration for zed wont it be better cause basically cooldowns come back quicker meaning double q for shadows?

  4. your mic sucks so much.
    This pisses me off cause what you are saying seems useful, but my ears just explode when u make a "t" or "p" sound.

  5. You talk a lot without given something new I dunno how you do it but all this video can literally be done in 4 minute ….

  6. im tired of getting destroyed with this champ.
    I play talon and ekko , mainly on mid.
    And run rengar,udyr or jax on jngl.

    Zed is just too hard

  7. Its been a while since i started playing Zed, but i easily get bullied in lane… I think im doing something wrong in my laning phase, and also i do trades in wrong moments… How i can improve my laning phase and be more aggressive and be a threat in some games too?

  8. I used to go absolute focus and scorch. It’s strong early game but it’s trash late when you need that healing even if u delete an adc they do some good dmg on u

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